Here's an idea worth playing with
Here's an idea worth playing with


Here's an idea worth playing with is a podcast about cultivating better companies - the kind of companies where work gets done but not at the expense of people.

It's about leadership, communication, creativity and critical thinking - as well as a hefty dose of straight forward business advice.

It's for anyone looking to cultivate the kind of company that enriches the lives of all who work in it.

Hear ideas about solving systemic problems (99% of which are due to poor communication), building solid teams, weaving creativity into the very fabric of a company and rock solid advice on how to create a company that gives to both society, and those who work in it.

Take time out from your busy schedule to hear evidence and experienced based ideas that Rob believes are worth playing with.

The title comes from the fact that other ways often work, so even though what Rob shares is based on his vast experience, it's still an idea that he believes is worth you playing with, modifying, extending and noodling over.

Rob Lambert is an award winning communication teacher and trainer, international keynote presented, experience leader and manager, and career HR exec and coach. His lifelong passion for creativity and communication come together here with his experience of business to give you insightful, actionable and interesting ideas to play with.

Rob is also a father of three, publisher, writer, podcaster and film maker. He is the co-host of the wildly popular Stationery Freaks podcast. Rob is the founder of Cultivated Management - a communication consultancy company helping leaders and managers lead companies to a brighter future.

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